Retirement Enhancement Position Adopted For Forwarding

At a special meeting on April 13, the Board of Directors of REACTA took action to revise the organization’s position regarding a proposal to enhance the CTA Employees Retirement Trust program and specifically directed that the new position be forwarded to CTA and the employee unions who are currently engaged in bargaining on such matters.

It had been the intent of the Board to get a proposal before the bargaining parties well prior to the commencement of bargaining.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  In an effort to clarify the organization’s position and get cohesiveness among the elements of REACTA leadership that have been working on this issue, a special meeting of members of the Board, the Organizing Team and the “Ad Hoc COLA” committee was held in Sacramento on April 9.  A general consensus on direction emerged from that session.  The Board then held its April13, meeting and finalized the proposal as follows:

·        A reasonable amount of money shall be put in a separate fund by CTA with that fund to be utilized to improve the retiree purchasing power floor to a level of no less than 80% of that provided by any individual’s initial monetary retirement benefit. 

·        Further, it shall be the goal of all concerned parties to see that sufficient financing is secured for the above described fund so that it can provide retirees not directly benefitted by the 80% Purchasing Power Floor with an annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) of three percent (3%) or the percentage increase in the California Consumer Price Index for the prior year, whichever is less.

·        The establishment of a fund as described above and the adjustments provided through its application shall in no way jeopardize either the Pension Benefit Trust Fund or the Health Benefit Trust Fund.

The Board directed that Ad Hoc COLA committee members Dan Saling, Ed Hogenson and Marianne McCarty take whatever steps are necessary to put the foregoing before the leadership and bargaining teams of CTA, CAS and CSO.

Speaking on behalf of the Board, Vice President Ellen Greenhut noted that, “Everybody understands the dismal nature of the economy and the impact it has on the Retirement Trust as well as on CTA as an organization.  However, we felt that we could do no less for our REACTA members.   In light of the lack of adjustment to retirement compensation for nearly ten years now, it was essential that a reasonable position on this matter be developed and put before the people who have decision making authority.  Where it goes from here…We’ll see.”


Retired Employees Association of the California Teachers Association
From the President

Pres. Lloyd Roberts has called for expanded communications with active staff this year under the title of The Fellowship Flood of Fifteen.  Our members are encouraged to drop in to a nearby CTA office bearing goodies and inquiring about the concerns and well being of the staffers, and expressing appreciation for their work for teachers.  We are also encouraged to volunteer support if we can be of assistance.  And I would appreciate a note briefly describing the visit if it's not asking too much.  I'd like to have a data base score card of actual numbers on how we're doing.

Pres Lloyd Roberts & VP, Dom Summa have met with PSO President, Chuck King, and CAS President Katie Mullins and VP Dawn to indicate our intent to deepen and broaden our communications with them.  We will also be meeting with CTA executive staff for the same purpose.

Expression of Suport Letter

The latest activity consisted of gathering signatures from active staff on “Expression of Support” letters. These letters were addressed to the CSO and CAS union Presidents. The letter content expressed concern that the signatories would not be getting cost-of-living adjustments after their retirement from CTA and explained the lack of such adjustments for the last many years. Further, the letter expressed support for their retired colleagues in their effort to restore cost-of-living and purchasing power adjustments and went on to urge the Union leadership to affirmatively address these issues in the upcoming negotiations with CTA Management. Some eighty-seven (87) active staff signatures have been received on these letters and more are expected.

Call to Action

By this time, most REACTA members are aware that REACTA has been working to raise awareness of the CTA parties as to the hardships many CTA retirees are experiencing due to the elimination of the annual COLA.  No COLA's combined with the rapidly rising inflation, brings us to a CALL TO ACTION.

After 3 years of requests by REACTA to CTA and the Unions to restore a COLA for ALL retirees, or at a minimum, fund a purchasing power adjustment, 46 retirees who fell below 60% of original purchasing power, were brought up to a 60% level.

CTA retiree's have gone without a COLA for nearly 10 years!

How much longer should we wait before CTA and the Unions give the same priorities and consideration for the economic needs of their retirees, as they do for CTA active staff, managers and leadership?

WE Need YOUR Help! 

REACTA is asking members, WHO CAN, to contribute to the REACTA Economic Justice Fund (a new separate crisis account).  Whatever you can afford will be appreciated.  If you can help, make your checks payable to "REACTA Economic Justice Fund" and send to John Smith, Treasurer.  Click here for a donation form.


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