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Chris Higgins said:   November 21, 2016 7:28 pm PST
In response to Maureen Keating's report on the increase for our CNA Long Term Insurance, I have a problem. My premium has been $610.26 since 2003; just got renewal at $1,037.44. Called CNA and it will increase for 2017 as well. I've got a 41% increase to pay or cancel the policy by 12/01/16. I've paid since 2003, but my policy anniversary is 12/01 not 11/01. What should I do? On a fixed income this is a big decision and problem.

Karen Neff said:   March 2, 2014 9:05 pm PST
The first half of my letter follows the second half in the guest book entries. Please read the second entry first and then the first entry will hopefully make sense. Apparently 2000 characters isn't enough for me to spill my thoughts. Thanks

Karen Neff said:   March 2, 2014 8:49 pm PST
Here is the second half of my letter: Please know that there are many retired CTA employees, who gave their all to CTA and their respective unions and the few that are wanting to change the focus of REACTA truly angers me. Open your eyes, it is not all about you, many of your ex-coworkers are in need and have relied on REACTA to help them by organizing, working with CTA and the two unions and because you are all comfy and cushy, you believe that a social organization is all we are paying our REACTA dues for. Really? Think again, this is just wrong! Karen Neff

Karen Neff said:   March 2, 2014 8:47 pm PST
Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the subject of changing REACTA to being only asocial group: TO: John, Lloyd, Art, Marilyn, Connie and Dick, I am so sorry that I was unable to be at the Cambria Annual Membership Meeting, but since I retired in 2002 and after all these years, I am not able to afford to attend, since I am not receiving one penny more than I did in 2002. As you all know, the cost of living has changed drastically since 2002 and financial problems exist among many of the REACTA membership. These are the people who built the unions and who worked their butts off to make CTA the strong and successful union it is today. You may want to ask yourselves, why are there only 35 members showing up to these meetings. I believe I just answered that question for you. I am very happy for all of the members that are financially secure and are able to enjoy so many extras, you are very blessed, but not all of us are in that catagory. I want to thank all of the REACTA members who have tried to help the retirees and worked countless hours for those of us who have suffured due to the lack of COLA's for so many years. Thank you organizing committee, you rock. If the REACTA membership votes/decides to change the focus of this organization to just a social group, I will cancel my membership immediately and will let everyone out there know why I am cancelling my membership. Below is a letter I wrote to REACTA regarding Bill Shanahan's resignation as the REACTA President in 2009 and I believe it is relevant to what a few are trying to do now: (Read previous letter on page 5 of this guest book that is mentioned above) To read the second half of this letter, please go to my next entry, as comments are limited to under 2000 characters

Karen Neff said:   February 5, 2014 4:38 pm PST
It is with real sadness to hear about the passing of Gary Harrison. Over the past 10 years, Gary and I buried the hatchet (and not in each other) and found a fondness for each other and a friendship. I will miss him and always be grateful that we ended as friends. With every SF Giants baseball game I watch or listen to, which is almost all of them, I will remember my friend.

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