Retired Employees Association of the California Teachers Association
About Us
REACTA has adopted the following Goals for CTA Retired Employees. 
  1. Raise the purchasing power floor to a minimum of no less that 80%;
  2. Restore a yearly COLA increase for all retirees;
  3. Maintain the financial integrity of both the Retirement and Health & Welfare Benefits Trusts.

Executive Board and Committees

President:  Dom Summa
Vice President: Marla Reyes
Secretary:  Pam Bowen
Treasurer: Art McLoughlin
Directors at Large: Marilyn Russell-Bittle

Elections Committee: Barbara DePrete Chair, Dixie Ditsler, Ann Adler

Membership Promotion Committee: Robin Rose, Chair, Maureen Keating, Theo Austin-Smyth, Shirley Horn, Craig Nelson, Karyn Ferrera, Joella Aragon, Patricia Williams, Ginny Jannotto, Ann Adler, Merri Furler, Kerry Moriarty

Political Education Committee: Conrad Ohlson, Chair

Scholarship Committee: Marla Reyes

REACTOR: Margaret Wallace

Retirement Trust Liaison: (Vacant)

Health & Benefits Trust Liaison: Roseanne Becher

Pension and Benefits Oversight Committee: Bill Empey, Chair, Felice Strauss, Clyde Williams, Jim Essman, Marilyn Russell Bittle

Web Page: Kathie Casas


Membership, Dues and Contributions

Dues are payable January 1 of each year.  If you choose to pay by check, it costs REACTA time and money to bill you.  REACTA strongly urges every member to sign up for automatic pension deduction.  To sign up for membership or change to automatic pension deduction, 
click here to open and print the membership form.  If you do pay your dues by check and later sign up for payroll deduction, your cash payment may be prorated.  Contributions are always welcome and we appreciate “Spouse” membership.  DISCLAIMER:  REACTA is not recognized as a non-profit organization through the State of California, therefore any dues or contribution payment is not an allowable tax deduction.   

All membership forms and/or checks should be mailed to REACTA Treasurer:  Art McLoughlin, 9540 So. Century Oak Rd., Salinas, CA 93907-1125.  

$15.00   Retiree’s Spouse or
               Domestic Partner

$30.00   Associate Staff (CTA or
               Affiliate), Confidentials
$60.00   Professional Staff,
               Supervisors, CTA